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I adore these DVDs! Elizabeth and the children on the video are just so natural and look like they're having so much fun that it makes you want to join in too! They're not only perfect for children on the spectrum, but they attract all children because of the wonderful music and activities! I bought them for my niece, who wouldn't watch anything other than one popular children's video. Now, she's added "Balloo" to the list. My brother is thrilled to have something new to watch as well!

New York

We received our DVD's and CD this past week. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter on the spectrum and a NT 1 1/2 year old daughter. After watching the DVD's once, that is all they want to watch. The CD is in my car, and is the only music they will listen to. At any time of the day, it has become consistent that I hear "Balloo music please!" Elizabeth Balzano not only has an amazing voice, but such a wonderful way of exuding friendliness. The day after my autistic daughter saw the DVD's, she was crying about something, looked at me and said "I'm sad." That was the first time she has ever labeled an emotion and I credit the music class! I have already shared the DVD's with my daughter's preschool teacher, the autism specialist and tutors who work with my daughter, as well as her speech therapist (and pretty much anyone else who will listen.) My daughters both love music and this has been a wonderful way for both of them to express themselves. Thank you for providing a wonderful music class for my daughters to participate in. With the expenses that go along with autism, I struggle with wanting to provide my daughter with every class, therapy and opportunity that presents itself and then wondering how to pay for it all. Now, I have a music therapy class that they can paricipate in whenever we are in the car or watching TV at home. Thank you,

Rachel K.
Ohio Parent

Wow! Yes! My child is on the spectrum really has hooked into both videos and even asks to see them (which is a very, very rare thing for him to do). I've caught myself humming the songs and look forward to seeing them too. Thumbs up!

Janine P.
New York Parent

Spectrum Connections has brought such joy into our house, and my five year old son who is autistic LOVES the videos. My daughter, who is two years old, loves them too and they have something to share together. Spectrum Connections has a very special place in our home and I feel so great knowing that my son is seeing quality TV that is tuned to his needs. Thank you for making this wonderful series.

Mary O.
New York Parent

I purchased the two DVDs you created and wanted to let you know that my 4-year-old son just loves them. We have had them just over a week and he asks me every night to put on "music class." He gets so excited when he sees Balloo and sings all the songs. He actually imitates the programs verbatim with his puppets and as he looks through his book of emotions. Thank you for such a great product for our children.

Debra D.
Florida Parent

The Spectrum Connections DVDs are an ideal visual aid for preschool kids on the spectrum. It will help them identify with the moods and emotions that connect to the different looks of a person's face. It will foster their ability to socialize, focus and pay attention. The live music that goes with the program is excellent and really brings the point home about human emotions.I highly recommend these DVDs.

James G.
New York Parent

Finally, a show for special kids and their parents - I actually can't stop singing the songs - I envision live Balloo in an arena with Gluten free snacks - bring it on - special families finally have their own entertainers!

Jackie Ceonzo
Founder of SNACK Special Needs Activity Center for Kids

What a wonderful story, and a wonderful project to be involved in. Our foundation supports hundreds of families going through the very same struggles as Cleve. To be quite honest, there is never enough support for our kids on the spectrum and anything that we can give them is a blessing! I have many wonderful connections in the autism field and I would love to help you in any way possible, especially in the distribution of the programs. Our organization supports anyone who has a good cause for our very special children.

Debora Harris
The Elija Foundation

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