Vol. 3 - Let's Talk!

Vol. 3 - Let's Talk!

Saying words and understanding their meaning can be hard for children. In Let's Talk!, Elizabeth, Balloo and their music class are practicing the building blocks of language through fun and interactive songs like, "I Want," "Help Me" and "Let's Go!" The Bounce quizzes that follow each song help organize concepts and encourage interaction and word generation. Whether you're an early talker getting a jump start, a late talker of 2 or 3 or an older child with language delays, you can join in labeling, practicing and saying over 50 words and basic phrases.

Program running time: 30 minutes. DVD extras/CD of program songs and bonus track included.

DVD Extras Include:

  • Let's Talk: Nouns
  • Let's Talk: Action Words
  • What Is Music Therapy?
  • Bounce Overview


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